Excerpt:-From the Stamp Paper Legal Agreement Between KRS Group & JV partners

Summarized, that the 1st Party/KRS, proposes, to the 2nd party, that it will create a net worth/equity holding of 1000 crore inr/$ 200 million* and/or in multiples thereof, for the 2nd party, in 3/4 years[or at the earliest], without any actual, Major investment, from the 2nd party, By utilizing, its Global Expertise and Reach, in creating value For its Joint Venture Partners & Financers, by off-loading/selling the equity holding of the 2nd party, to Financers & thus sharing profits between, the 2nd party & Financers, of the Total Profit, to be made & Total Revenues to be created [for the 2nd party], in ratios as determined by the 1st party, in accordance, with the project, financers available & other relevant factors.It can be said, that the 2nd party stands to gain/make a profit of 50-500crore inr/$10-100 million*,from this deal, after signing agreements & fulfilling the other mentioned requirements, without any investments.

*All figures are indicative & actual project progress is confirmative.

KRS@MANISH HANDA has twenty years of experience as Turnaround Consultant. He has turned around i.e. multiplied the turnover for companies, he has been involved in, in various positions as Ceo, Director and currently GlobalHead.He holds multiple degrees in multiple areas and a look at his detailed CV/resume would elaborate his vast knowledge and experience. Testimonials.He proposes to add guaranteed revenues to the tune of $100 million_euro/ukp to the Turnover of Compatible Corporations and the fees would be 5% of revenues/half of profits generated only after, RESULTS, in the balance sheets of the MNC corporates, but initially role of Director on Board of those Corporates, would be a requisite for better understanding of the company's position

Dear, Ceo/G.m/V.p/Chairman/M.D/Hod/Director  

Our Boutique Bouquet Proposal Offerings:-Take your pick:-choose any/many/all/others.

1-Your Revenues,

turnover grows 100 crore/million in a few years without major investments.

2-Your 10 crore/million investment,

grows to 100 crore/million in 3/4 years,

thru the 1st J.V. equity owner,

in our multiple projects.

3-Your BRAND becomes GLOBAL-Taking you to the world, bringing the world to you-Any & all of your requirements can be fulfilled.

4-Your profits grow by 100 crore/million, in a few years.Investments required[can be raised by us on corporate profiles]

5-We launch your desired projects, with you holding 50% of balance equity[other than that allotted for FII/funds], with your investment being only the paid-up capital of 1 crore/million-and you managing your project & we bring all funds to grow the brand to 100 crore/million in a few years.

6-Your resources like lands/expertise/brands/etc being utilized & you earning profits & equity, worth millions.

7-Your 100 crore/mn investment growing to 200 crore/mn in 3/4 years & so on, upto a max. investment of 10, 000 crore/mn per company per project.

8-Your existing Business/Professions, being TurnAround & all HNI/NRI’s, becoming Global Brand Icons.

9-Specifically & Individually created boutique, bouquet offerings[covers all management aspects & as per your particular funds & requirements] for you & Documented thru Magistrate Notarized Agreements.

10-So be a part of Global KRS Group[with projects beyond 1 trillion$-PTO]

[100prjcts in Asia, averaging 1000crore each]Call:-91.9823179650 / 9850741911,   MumbaiIndiaAsia

Yours, Truly in Business  With best wishes, For KRS Group






​Further, in specific response, to this mail:- 1-We are a Fastest growing fortune 500/Time group certified MNC, in various verticals, horizontals, domains, industries,sectors, since past 10 years, with rep offices in over 100+ nations, and I am the GlobalHead, personally monitoring growth in 50+ nations, including USA, Japan,HK, others. 2-We perform globally, by tying up, with a existent small firm and expand our business models there, and may independently register another SPV, if required further.In, the USA, we/I have been active in Detroit,Chicago,Atlanta,Washington DC, NewYork city, among others.In Japan, we have explored, Osaka and Tokyo, HK,Macau,shanghai,Europe,Africa,etc among others. 3-Our multiple business models are listed on my linkedin profile, MANISH 2100+, and we grow ambitiously aggressively thru the M&A,JV, routes. 4-Thus we have business, funding opportunities for you globally including the USA,japan,others, directly to our Corporate consortium called the KRS NETWORK and also directly to other unlisted private/public corporates thru the equity, debt, hybrid formats, as mentioned on your website, and of your requiste/desired size/profits. 5-We/I also directly deal, with the Govts/cabinets of around 20+ nations, as their growth partners and have multi sector projects in pipeline worth trillions of $, 6-Further, I am directly tied up with the Board members/directors/heads, of various, financial organizations such as the World bank,IMF,various IFCs-DIFC,EXIM banks and have meticulously deliberated on various products such as MIGA among others, in the IMF at DC.This extra info, is just in case, you deal with larger organizations, then we/I can get you funds for them of even a 100 million $, size or bigger. 7-Also instrumental, in process of setting up a stock exchange in Cambodia with the local Bonny group and multiple similar global performances over the past 10 years, with permanent visas to multiple nations and renewals to multiple more. 8-So, if you realize, how huge and quickly, our global alliance, can boom,bloom and prosper, you may get in touch directly with me on my International roaming numbers 0091.9823179650 or 0091.9623307763 among others. 9-Once we hear from you, thru mail/phone, we can decide how to proceed asap, with reference to the specific funding corporate, mode-equity,hybrid,costs such as interests/ dilutions, fund delivery process-cc/od/term,board representation,project ROI, DPR,CMA, etc among others.So, I suggest, you may retain, me as your global/Asian co-ordinate and we can begin with a small funding of say 1 million$ at minimal costs. Cheers. Yours truly, Manishkumar Handa,GlobalCEO-KRS NETWORKS +91.9823179650

BRIEF:-You can join us in one or multiple projekts depending upon your capacity,profile,requirements. Few Projects Details:-1-Ecommerce-KPO fulfillment centre-FlowChart as below-1 cr each director input required+4 cr assets and/or 50 cr fund-25 cities to start with-Approx 10,000 sf ft each centre-10 directors and/or 1 fund[see notes at the end of the page] 2-SEZ-One/Multiple-1 cr each+4 cr assets/50 cr fund-A minimum of 50 acres of land is reqd as per Govt sez rules-So our sez will/may be in say 5 phases of 10 acres each.Saves taxes-Each phase of 10 acre x 41,560 sft=4,15,600x2.5 times builtUp=10 lacs sft x rs 4000 psft=400 cr-300 cost=100 cr profit. 3-Commercial complex=10 acre land x 41560=4,15,600 x 2.5 times builtUp=10 lacs sft x rs 6000 psft=600cr-500cr=100 cr profit. 4-MTX-Details as on & output as for/in Ecommerce-KPO 5-BFSI-Details as on & output as for/in Ecommerce-KPO 6-MEDIA network-Details as on & output as for/in Ecommerce-KPO 7-M&A+J.V.-Buying out existing 50, small companies , investing 1 cr in each different sector company & growing it TEN times in 4 years to make its networth totaling 100 cr, so profit of 100% in 4 years. 8-SPVs as per LinkedIn-Details as on & output as for/in Ecommerce-KPO 9-Francisee Centres-Dealers,distributors, franchisees of various brands.Investments requirements for each will vary from 10 lakh to 10 cr each and returns are more than 100% in 4 years. 10-Bullions+others-To be detailed-Profit margin very less/nil, but daily trading, gives multiple revenues/turnover & hence included in activities to boost up group revenues.Profits will /should atleast equal bank interest rate & will provide sufficient profit to our bankers and T.O. to us NEXT BIG PROJECT-One/multiple 50 storey HighRise project on a 5 acre plot in Mumbai/metros, with total 41,560 sft x 50 stories=20 lacs sft x rs 10,000=2000 cr sales figures.41,560 x 4 FSI+20%[not 40% normally added, as we are creating double ht studios]=2 lac sft x 2(double ht)=4 lacs ftx5 acres=20 lac sft NOTES:-Further investors/funds would be continuously input@growth in each projekts,but would not be directors on board#Exceptions,& would be repaid, returns as agreemented, and all projects will run simultaneously & as in flowchart sample below, different for each of the projects Detailed Above. 1-Regn of a new SPV/Pvt Ltd Company with capital 1 cr-when-11 lakh input from each of the 9 directors and/or 99 lac from 1 fund in name of KRS-KIIM CORPORATION. 2-Using the 1 cr capital & begin the work on 1 new KPO-Ecommerce centres/new project by acquiring land+plan passing………………Note-already work complete/begin on 3 projects. 3-Begin the actual constructions of 1 new project+acquire land +plan pass in 9 more locations-when-1 cr input each from 9 directors /9 cr from the fund. 4-begin actual constructions of 9 new locations+acquire land+plan pass in 15 more locations-whenraising 4 cr each from assets of 9 directors/40 cr fund. 5-after around 10 months time, actually begin the KPOeCOMMERCE operations in 1st centre, followed by other centres & plan for 25 more. 6-after another 2 months time, begin operations in 2nd centre followed by 1 new centre each month & bring in 10 new directors, for the 25 new centres as before + 10 for 25 + 10 for 25…[where land is not available and we are in a great hurry, we buy out a existing low cost ready property] 7-Returns, in form of cash flow, start for the 1st set of 9 directors/1 fund-when-in the 2nd year & complete by the 4th year, as agreed between 10 cr to 20 cr to each director and/or between 80-100 cr per fund in the 4th year…………………………….NOW EXIT ALL/SOME or JOIN the FURTHER GLOBAL ACTION in 8-BEGIN THE WORK, on CREATION of 25 centres , one each in asia, actual input,output,other requirements, would vastly vary by the location, within the country & though , the groundwork is already completed for 50 countries YET, the amounts would vastly vary & thus can only be exactly finalized, after 2 years when the actual acquisitions+creations work+regn+operation work will begin onsite for the centre in one city each in one country FurtherMore, we have thousands of Coporate members associated with us thru FICCI/CII/ASSOCHAM etc & hence, the inputs from each corporate head, should have a steady cashflow in & as our each SPV/new project has activities, only for outputs & also provides them easy diversifications, exposures, group benefits, international brandings etc………………………………………………………………………….Furthermore, we have ready standing separate teams each for HR,MKTG,FINANCE,B.D, ready to carry out all our above requisite activities,functions in creation+operations of the above KPOeCom Centres.FlowCharts will differ, for each different sector/project and will be detailed more if/when required. Notes-Each centre will have Approx 2500 sft land cost@rs 2000 p/sft=50 lacs+build 7500 sft@1.5 cr=2 crx25 centres=50 cr & secured valued at 7500 sft+33.33%BU=10K sftxrs 4000=4 cr/centrex25 cities=100 cr.So ur returns=secured @10 cr each for 10 directors/100 cr fund & KPOeCOM, profits are the BONUS. Brief-All above projects will be followed up with a 10/100x similar category global project@100times &…

Ref:- Dear M.D/CEO/DIRECTOR JOIN US 1-In our projects in multiple cities in real estate,kpo,m&a,jv, media,etc. 2-earn 10+ crores per project in 3 years and/or hundred crores+ in 15 years, with investment of 5 crores[if u dont have 5 crores, you can bring in only 1 crore and property raisable 4 crores debt fund] & can join multiple projects across india. 3-Get branch offices in 100 cities pan india and rep offices in 100 nations globally. 4-Also get your regular requirements /supply of 1 kg gold at discount of rs 15,000, than what you would pay to SBI[for jewellers] and other inputs/supplies for others. 5-Also get online visibilty, sales, profits, diversifications and group supports. 6-Join as a director in our pvt ltd company with joining input of only 11 lakhs. 7-And other than the output of 10/100 crores per project in 3/15 years, also be a director/part of projects with turnover revenues of a few hundred crores 8-Thus become a global icon, get featured on ur own TV channels, and become a topnotch corporate excutive, with international offices & visits and thus enrich with our global expertise and reach. Contact on 09823179650 / 09623307763, for queries.Leave sms, if phone busy, i'll call back. Infrastructure,SEZ,KPO,Ecommerce,Mergers & Acquisitions, ,EXIM,JV,BFSI,Ngo,MEDIA-Jockey. Yours, Truly in Business


I-2100+ Office Towerz, each admeasuring around 12000 to 15000 SqFt, are being created at around the same time at 2100+ locations in hundreds of cities pan india, just like a bank has branches all over or just like the LIC has its offices.

II-These 2100+ office towerz, should be ready for use in a few years and will serve as multipurpose use, for the various activities of the various network, group and matrix members and companies of KRS, greatly boosting the Ecommerce & technology delivery to the patrons.

III-Effective and reliable workforce, will manage these 2100+ towerz and will also be the launching pads for the franchisee professionals and Sme's.


   to own 10000+

 office_towerz,companies:5000+,smartcities-100+infra projekts,

  join us now..!          beyond_boundaries


1- Export / Import -- Selection, Pricing , Packaging,Promotion, trade cycles, GATT & WTO, Incoterms 2000,Shipping,Marine Insurance , Cargo-Packing, labelling, handling claims, EURO, BOP & NRI, ECGC, EXIM Bank, Advance license, DEPB Scheme EOU,SEZ,Bill of lading,GR form,AREI, CHA.Customs,Excise--Warehousing,Fema,regulation, Clearance,Cenvat Credit Appeals.

2- .Healthcare / diagnostic / FMCG -- Biomedical informatics, emerging technologies, database MgmtModern Diagnostics -- HIPAA rules, medico-legal systems, issues, aspects responsibilities, genetic counselling, various acts, Telehealth & Telemedicine Systems, Pharma markets, Products, regulations, pharmacology, computerized medical instrumentation. Trusts / Foundation / NGO --Formation , Utilities, resources, functionalities, Social responsibilities, worldwide affiliations

3- BPO – ITES-- from grass- root level of shop – floor operations, Technology, Quality, (6SIGMA-Kaizen,) Infrastructure, CRM,Sourcing, good HR practices, Transition, services offered e.g Technology, insurance, Financial. Telecom & Internet etc. Future business growth prospects – newer clients, Industry lifestyle-global best practices,fatal errors,country specific laws,data .


5- CONSULTANCY RELATED-Pharma, FMCG, IT, Insurance Real Estate, BPO,media DOMAINSTQM, Law – Legal, Retailing, Consumer & Human Rights.FUNCTIONS Mktg., Finance, Intl. Bus., Log & SCM. SERVICES & SKILL SETS Business – Alliance, Channel & Segment Mgmt., Process Review,Analysis, Case Modelling, Strategy Corporate – Planning, Strategy, Warfare, Communication, Media-Buying, Planning, P.R, Direct Marketing, Events & Conferences,Market Research, product / Brand Management, Trade Marketing, Tele-Marketing, Client Servicing, Community Relations, Consumer PR & publicity, Mergers & Acquisition, Policy Development, Profit Improvement, Research , Risk Management, Strategic & Turnaround Mgmt.

6- Immigration, Trsp/ Log & SCM - Countries, employment opportunities, qualification assessment, selection criteria, validated arranged employment, settlement funds, financial requirement fees.Trspt, Log & SCM – Integrating, managing supply chain, channel network, Inventory, procurement, materials handling, modal selection,Transport, fleet mgmt, critical interface,new wave

7- .IPR/LAW/LEGAL- Origin, development, evolutional, std, Concept, Convention, treatise.IPR- in Agri, Biotech, Pharma, Industrial IPR- designs treadmarks, Patent law , Copywright-Fees, Regn, infringement, remedies, Tech transfer. Cyber Law- Cyberspace, jurisdiction, digital sign, Cryptography, domain ODR, B2B & B2CADR – Crisis Mgnt, arbitration-place, agreement, trends, PIL.

8- Media / Advt / Movies – Mgmt, Research, Mass communications, Account Mgmt, Ideation graphics, multimedia, proofreading, copywriting, corporate communication reporting, writing, editing, recording, production.Project Mgmt – Strategic policies, lifecycle, planning, execution, Monitoring, control, closure, Quality – planning , assurance , control, Risk – identification, mgmt, analysis. Brand/evnt Mgnt – Concept, Models, evolution, equity, awareness, loyalty, identity Shares/Trdg/Fin/Invt- GAAP, Equity valuation, portfolio Mgmt, Cash Mgmt, securities market, investment holding, financial distress & restructuring, mutual funds. Banking – Investment banking,Markets,Capital, secondary, foreign exchange, global, derivatives, technology, Securitization, Recapitalization, restructuring Insurance – Reinsur, TPA’s, risks, analysis, types, market, growth, economy, objectives, cost.

9- Hospt / Tourism – Dvpt, Mgmt, Products – Operation, Indian perspective, project, ecology, environment, tourism mktg.Real estate, Const & Futuristic – plan, construct, architecture, surveying, valuation, techniques, operation, thermodynamics, pollutants, futuristic TQM – ISO 9001/14001– Envnt policies & mgmt6 Sigma – Yellow, green, black belts – 99.996% perfection. TS 16949

10-e-Business – new economy, concept framework, revolution,networks, Focus areas, Content mgnt, resource & infrastructure analysis, revenue models, project implementation,review, Swot core competencies,electronic payments,security, legal, regulatory framework ERP-SAP-CRM-loyalty, business intelligence, evaluation, implementation, channel mgmt,



Post your queries, questions, doubts directly thru email or on the contact form on the last page, and it will be replied thru email and/or reproduced here, alongwith answers and resolutions, in quickest time periods as possible, including your grievances and problems as per requisite laws and regulations, adhering to time-frames

​​​​​​​​​​​KRS Networks



Groupe KRS >


​FundRaising experience:-

1-Currently raising, 1.67 billion $/10,000 crore inr, for KRS Network-consortium of multiple corporates,for investments in SEZ/other projects@World Bank Multiple Nations EXIM banks,IIFCL,Mutual/equity/hedge Funds,IFC’s.IPO,FPO(with testimonials)

2-Raised 1000crore inr for multiple corporates, 500crore, thru subsidiaries in multiple cities for locals @1%fees & 500 cr. for Kohinoor,Kul,City group,Aurum realty,MCL,Omaxe, diversified corporates @2% fees, over past 5 years & now in TieUp with HK, Japan & US fund Houses for immediate funds

3-Part of IPO launch in US for few US based businesses, like lotus bank, also part of US based equity funds investing in growing companies & Singapore,Malaysia,HK,japan,MENA, based funding groups

4-Raised around 100 crore as project finance from local banks/nbfc for multiple nationwide KPO & ecommerce,creating real assets, JV projects & also for govt of India conceptualized multiple projects.

5-Certified by Time/fortune business groups of raising 100 billion for trillion $ M&A projects.

6-Part of launching, new currency by BRIICS, to compete against rising $ prices for intl trade

7-Master Developer & Fund of Funds, for project as PMC-PrjtMgmtCmpny, for a 10 billion $ project of Global governments of countries MENA & SouthEast asia as per DPR after RFQ, RFP,both bids.

8-Part of core group signing investment agreements worth multimillions @ Indian state govts.

9-Promoting investments Europe, launching stock exchange in Cambodia,gold funds in Africa

10-Raising funds thru, investment-hedge-securitization-Luxembourg-umbrella-Fundoffunds,venture capital, private equity,investor consortiums,GDR,QIP,CDR,ECB,NBFC lead TEAM of 100+directors

International Citizen,traveled to 60 + countries, 10 yr.US/global visas, others A.S.A.R.

1-Since 1996 exposed to the Asian Pacific [APAC], markets including the Indian SubContinent.

2-2000 onwards Associated with The Middle East including UAE,Bahrain,Saudi,Turkey ,others.

3-Since 2002, exposed to The East Asian Nations, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australian Markets.

4-2004 onwards working with American & European MNC’ clients, in their geographies & markets.

5-Since 2006,spread Operations, Cover African & BRIC [Brazil.Russia.Indonesia.China] economies.

Work Experience summary:-

1-2010-GlobalHead KRSnetwork-20 SPVs

2-2007-Current- GlobalHead of KRS Group

3-2005-2007..MD-CEO-Kiim Intl-MNC


5-2001-2003..CEO-Comptech Industries

6-1997-2001..CEO-Suman Pharmakon

7-1995-1997..Manager-ActiveLink Exim

#As Head,grew revenue 100 times,every 5-6yrs,1998-2004-2010-2016-2022

Setup 1650+rep offices@100+nations, personally launch BRANDs@50+nations & lead TEAM of 100+Directors


DBM+PharmD 1996-ISLE.

B.COM 2000(BusEnt+BkngFin)-PuneUniv.

LogisticSCM+Mass Communications 2001 NILEM.

MBA2002 Dr.DYP.IMR,Pune(Mktg+Sales)

PGDM (Finance) 2004--IIMM-- Pune PGDM (Int. Business) 2005--IIMM--Pune M.Phil(HR)’06/PolScn+PeaceMgmt’07-Madurai PhD[KnwMgmt]continue’08+CS.interICSI

#CORE competencies:Bus.Dvlpt,Intl.Expansions,Global Bidding-RFQ,RFP,Consortiums,Marcom,JV M&A,ICC,IFC,Diversifications,PMC,Treasury,Brand promotion,Strategy,TurnAround,Policy@Govt

Prof.achievements:Leading a TEAM of 100+ sme Ceo,Directors. 8237426231

1-Listed as GlobalHead of the Fastest & Largest Growing Organization in/by The Fortune Money Group in their Washington DC Forum publishing and earlier and also listed in THE ECONOMIST, NEWSWEEK TIME, leaflets,The Tribune Publications. FORTUNE 500 Forum

2-An Esteemed Board Member on the Advisory Board of The WORLD HRD CONGRESS.

3-A Certified iCEO Ceo europe

4-Recepient of Scroll of HONOUR from ICJ and Golden Shield Award from ICJ and Esteemed Member on Board of ICJ… International Council of Jurists

5-Nominated for the Young Global Leader Young Global Leaders part/community of World Economic Forum World Economic Forum

6-On StechBusinessWeek exclusive Advisory Board.

7-On various CorporateBoards,Being shortlisted,DirectorOnBoard of Fortune 500 Corp.KIIM International

8-The First and only individual in the World to obtain close to 51 professional qualifications and to utilize them to further accelerate and accentuate, business models and revenue S Highly Qualified ~ Guinness

9- Guaranteeing you Revenues to the tune of around $100 million/100 crore inr, thru existing work orders for multiple industries and markets. GlobalHead of The KRS Group

10-Pioneer/Innovator of unique,patented multiple business models including Internet & TV jockey Watch 11-Head of First MNC going public globally, with project volumes beyond $1000 billion. 1 SNAPSHOT

12-The onlyBusinessGroup with own KIGF[Chamber] & KGV[Ngo] to accelerate U.N.activities. Entries

13-Access to Capital Markets, International Financial Corporations,Major Stock Exchanges, Venture Capitalists,etc To Assure you ,Required Capital. The Tribune, Chandigarh, India

14-Attended over 500 Business Forums,Conferences organized by CII,FICCI,Assocham,ICC,AIMA,Fortune etc having extensive contacts with Embassies/Counsulates of various nations for promotion, finalization of your international requirements, contracts, projects and agreements. 15-Advisory Council member to Forbes group.Forbes

16-Listed on esteemed International Who's Who

17-Resume/Acievements, recognized/Appreciated by AlanGreenspan-Former Chairman-US Federal Reserve & Soon Surpassing Youngest CEO rank;173[Richard Dugas Jr] 39,in terms of AGE, Most paid CEO rank;1 [Terry Semel] 62,in terms of earnings & CEO[Hector Ruiz-AMD] in terms of TurnAround, as per FORBES

18-Associated with Amnesty Intl,Transparency Intl, WorldBank,IIFC,IMF & a Few Other OnlineListings;


I……….OF INDIA – THE PRIME MINISTER-Dr.MANMOHAN SINGH,Minister of Railways-LALU YADAV,Minister of Shipping,Road -BALU,Minister of Aviation-PRAFUL PATEL,Minister of Agri.-SHARAD PAWAR,Minister of Sc.&Tech-KAPIL SIBAL,Minister of Commerce & Industries-KAMAL NATH,MinOfUrbanDvlpmnt-JAIPAL REDDY,CM-GOA,Mah,Raj. SECRETARIES—AJAY PRASAD- Aviation, A.K.MOHAPATRA-Shipping,VIJAY SINGH-Highway,J.P.BATRA-Railway,AJAY DUADIPP,RAMASAMI-DST, K.KASTURIRANGAN- Space.CHAIRMAN-Planning Commision-Dr AHLUWALIA ,CSIR-MASHELKAR

II…….PRIVATE INDUSTRIALISTS Mukesh Ambani,Anand Mahindra,Rajeev Talwar,Ravi Mohan, Dr. Rajiv Lall,Arun Nanda,Betrand Collomb,Deepak Nanda,Pradeep Guha,Laxmi Mittal,Shiv Nadar,Kewal Handa,Dr Tony Hey,Habil F Khorakiwala,Ipma-Cngrs-Otto Zeigelmier,Hiroshi Tanaka,Adesh Jain-President,Dr Refaat Abdel Razak-Md,Ed Naughton-VP,Ficci-Amit Mitra,Saroj K Poddar,Dwarkanath D, Kale,Dr.Gopichand Katragadda,Natarajan Venkateswaran,P Anandan,Dr. Norman Kaderlan,Dr. S.K.Arora,Dr.Jim Dukowitz,Peter Harman,Ms. Jane Davies, M Vidyasagar, Suhas,shenoy

III……GLOBAL/INTL. SPECIFICS Transition Team Of Us President-Obama,Madeline Albright,EuroIndia-Edwin Schwarz,Urda Martens,Mario Ferrira,Antonia Rodrigues,Collette,Erich Mayer,Paul Davies,M2MDr.Chris Henshall,Benard de Montferrand,Y.P.Kumar,David Begg,Dr.Orna Berry Thomas Christeller,Dr.Miklos Boda, Ahmed Obed Hassan,Samir K. Brahmachari,M.G.Devasahayam,KK Gokhale,Dr. Kathryn Walsh Dr.D.Yogeswara Rao, Prof S Mohan,Gary J Jones,Sanjay Dhande,Vijay Chandru,Dr.Shailendra Vyakarnam,Jon W Dudas,Jon Sandelin.

IV……GOI Depts Agriculture,Defence,Power,Railways,Road Transport, Ports, Aviation, Science and Tech.,SPACE.


VI…..COUNTRY/REPS/EMBASSIES US,UK,Singapore,France,Japan,China,Germany,Malaysia, Switzerland, Netherland,Portugal,Sweden,Nepal,SriLanka,Bangladesh,Vietnam,S.Africa,Chile,Romania,Italy,Namibia.etc Career goals...BE A BRAND ICON CONSTANT EVOLUTION.CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT-USP


Fast learner,judgmental leadership skills


Other Educational Qualification :-

[11-25] Fellowship-KIIM/YASHADA-Urban mgmt-2006 / / e-MBA-ERP/SAPCRM-2006 // BioInformatics-BII-Noida-2006//Insurance Mgmt-IRDAcertified-2005 // Dst & Rsk Mgmt-IGNOU - 2005 // Homeotechnology-MHM-2006//PRJT/BRND EVNT Mgmt-IPMA-2005 // CORP.GOV-ORACLE-2004 // I.P.R. 2005-- B.I.I.—NOIDA//Psychology-STUDIES -IAS/IFS Exam-2004 // Log. & SCM -NIEM-CHENNAI-2004 // ITES Expt-BPO-ITES SECTOR-2004// I.T.Skill-Prog Cpts,Dsng, MS-Office-2003//T.Q.M-ISO-6 SIGMA-KAIZEN-BlackBelt-2001 GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS:-

[26-45]GLC NETWORK-2006/07- Dealing with Conflict in Workplace,Delivering Successful Presentations,Emotional Intelligence in Workplace, Getting Results without Authority,International Business Skills-CulturesCustomsNorms,InternationalComunication Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business Leadership,Going from Mgmt to Leadership,Leading through Change,Initiating Succession Plan,Leading from Front Line,Succession Planning for Business Environment,360% Performance Appraisal Mgmt,Coach with Confidence,Delegation Skills,Esssential Skills for Tomorrows Managers, Technical Prof2Mgmt,Leading Workforce ,Leading GenerationsNEXT