NETWORTH:-As of 2014-15, GroupeKRS NetworKs Market value networth is a few hundred crore inr as per financials and pending amounts to be received of a few thousand crore inr as per legalities and multiple[10] 50,000 crore inr projects in process[explained separately] in MOU & in CONSORTIUMS and in private, holisticallycombinedly PUM-projects under mgmt in excess of a trillion usd [140 projects of 50,000 crore inr each across 40-50 countries] certified by time/fortune in washington DC & also in MOU with govts [state, national,local].<Join as IKON INVESTOR or ExDirector or NonExDirector or InvsmntBank or# >We The GroupeKRS NetworKs are the most diversified,mnc,Board&mgmt teams with multiple projects,multiple sectors for you to choose from, get the best returns & grow alongwith to be a fortune50 entity in next few years

​​​​​​​​​​​I-With Publicly listed Corporates, listed on the stock exchanges, of various countries:We sign agreements with the Chairman or Authorized Board Director, for providing them business revenues of around 1000 crore INR= 150 million USD, with Profits @10%.Herein, we take up a Board or Directorial/represntative position as the rules permit, directly through KRSs directors as the delivery Experts.We need less than one percent as working capital costs and this would be divided into 3 years and utilized monthly as required and the final 4th part of the 1% of 1000 cr inr = 10 cr divided by 4 = 2.5 cr inr, would be taken in/after 3 years as KRSs Directors, deliveryExperts fees .

Further the profits generated @10% translate to 100 crore inr = 15 million usd, and are equally distributed into 2 parts to each, the parent company and KRS equally.

This specific distributed profit to KRS is not actual profit to KRS but is only their returns from which it has to manage other operating costs, workforce costs, mgmt costs and multiple other costs alongwith growing costs, and can be taken in stocks/ESOP from the listed company or in combination.                                                 The above description as to the exact figures are exemplative and can be negotiated as per the listed corporates products, services, projects, trades, others and, in some selective sectors where the profit margin is only around 2-4%, such as in the BFSI-NBFC-BULLION-other sectors,the Revenue agreement would and could be sizable to 2.5 to 5 times above, so it would be 2500 to 5000 crore inr = 375 to 750 million usd and profits @ 2-4%, would be 100 to 200 crore inr i.e. 15 to 30 m usd, and other factors remain the same as above.

II-With Unlisted Public/Private limited corporates, KRS would take in around 50% equity stake to begin with&grow that specific company 3 to 5 times in 3 to 5 years&thus the revenues &/or the profits would be as per the stake holding. Yes, working capital, as per above figures would be reqd.

III-In exceptional or otherwise cases, in both the listed as well as unlisted corporates, both public and private, where the owners would not be willing to part with equity, KRS would only take in distributed fees and profits and would not persist for equity, but if it has two or more corporates with similar products and services, say 2 pharma or 2 real estate corporates, that corporate which is a equity holding partner gains preference in getting the business revenues and profits over that of another corporate which is not an equity partner.All said and done, and and every agreement underlines, that KRs is not bound in any way to provide specific business revenues and profits in any time bound range to all the agreemented corporates and all figures are on best effort basis, and thus and because no fees or charges are being charged in advance, but only step wise working capital , director fees and Profit distribution quaterly/as realised-apprehended, is expected, and the other corporate is understandably and justifiably wanting to grow and hence as is the normal practice of engaging taskforce, directors and requisite resources, is also engaging KRS ...

IV-With Proprietorship firms, partnership firms, LLP,LLC, others, as agreemented, the delivery director would be the authorised signatory to decide and execute.

V-With SMEs and professionals, they could join as MATRIX members or NETWORK members.The franchisee concept is explained further or can be understood through email.

VI-SPVs- Special Purpose Vehicles are those standalone commercial businesses or profitable ventures as named on homepage, explained on other links in the website and also further being newly created and/or being registered either individually or with one corporate or few corporates together as requisite vis a vis regulory requirements.

VII-With StartUps, we are an INCUBATOR or PLATFORM, and understand their business models and profit avenues and either invest ourselves taking in equity or get other investors for them, alongwith providing the startups, sufficient guidance, office space, infrastructure and risk support.

VIII-With sick and stranded projects and their parent companies, we negotiate and buyout at largely wholesale or bargain rates.This also involves M & A-mergers and acquisitions nationally and globally.This can be also done with non-stranded projects&companies at attractive terms for both.

IX-With few other exceptional CORPORATES, we form Joint Ventures, for MEGA PROJECTS and this is quite different from the Consortium Concept 

X-FINALLY, if any Corporate, business, firm, entity is only interested in individually finance, or business development or any other management advisory, and not the entire bouquet as above, KRS may also offer these mgmt advisory to public, private or Government individually at mutually decided conditions in the regulatory and informal environments.@CPC-centric power consultants.

To become a FORTUNE 50 CORPORATE Group in the QUICKEST possible time period, ever been done by any other CORPORATE Group globally.

Board & Management team

All things bright & beautiful ,All creatures great & small, thy almighty lord made them, as it made us all.​Little words of kindness, nothing do they cost, yet when they're most wanting, 

life's best charm is lost................

KRS MATRIX,GroupsNETWORKS :-committed to serving  entities   who choose to live extraordinary lives. Who strive to fulfill their potential,maximizing the power to create,contribute & who while in the process, choose to live life to the fullest, live life kingsize.​


Associated corporates, sme's, professionals startups-location-relation-other details.

One Global Holding Pvt Ltd Corporate

1-10 Ltd companies in 10 cities pan india, going public in 3 years, with 10 Directors each=Total 10x10=100 directors,

10  Managing Directors, [assisted by 9 other directors each] reporting to GlobalCeo,

each heading a company with a approx 50K cr.inr.worth sale value project@5 yrs in

2-sectors of  KPO,M&A,RE,BFSI,MEDIA,JV, Dealer,Networks,Online, Others, with specializations in Mktg,Sales,Finance, HR,IT, Operations,Admin,Teknology,Legal,Strategy/plan, and with added responsibilities of Intl. Growth in Aus,Asia1,Asia2,Africa1,Africa2, Euro1,Euro2,N.Ameri,S.Ameri,R.O.W.........

3-100 Directors,eachAlso handling,100Mgmt  Team Professionals[MFr=Master Franchisees]

each, making it 100x100=10,000 dedicated hardforce.Each Director being reported by 10 VPs who take care of that cluster.Each MFr, may further have indirect taskforce as per their changing needs, around 100 each , for each KPO centre, taking the cumulative, direct+indirect+contract headcount to a million x multiple countries.


   to own 10000+

 office_towerz,companies:5000+,smartcities-100+infra projekts,

  join us now..!          beyond_boundaries

Groupe KRS >


#DEC 2019-JAN 2020#EUREKA configuration to,in excess of 10trillion$   PUM, NEEDS to grow to 100 trillion$, PUM, WHICH IS IN EXCESS OF  84 trillion$, the Global GDP_2017-18 &/or MarketCap of 41000 Listed  companies globally 2017-18, BUT, apologetically, officially, less REVENUE/BUSINESS MODELS/PLAN, have been yet prepared toACHIEVE 100trillion$ PUM, STOKex/cosmic, DETAILS ,be UPDATED as soon as PRECISE INFO will be AVAILABLE.-#DEC 2019-JAN 2020 #


1-Sitc+Township Prjct 1-7=$100 B

2-Sitc+Township Prjct 8-14=$100 B 

3-Sitc+Township Prjct 15-21=$100 B

4-10,000+7x CentresPanIndia=$100 B

5-KrsNumero4saleOfPrjcts+ =$100 B

6-KonsortKRS@MfglRealtyEPC=$100 B

7-the 33 USP ENTITIES=$100 B


9-the 33 MajorHeldEntities= $ 100 B

Total=$900 B+100x $1 B=$1000 B=$1Tr.

140x50,000 cr inr=70 lac Cr inr=$ 1 Tr.

12 subContinents x $ 250 B=$ 3 Trillion

5000x million$ to B$=5000 B=$ 5 Trillion


                      About Us

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust with

We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. Our reputation/history of success with our clients,their businessNeeds speaksFor itself. There's no substitution for the best.We are Time+Fortune certified largest, fastest , youngest growing organization-global mnc.

 02. Dedicated and Loyal TaskForce

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking international business matters on which we work can attract the best and brightest workforce from around the world. We'veBeen luckyEnough to Hire collaborate with the best of the best in business .

 03. We Treat  Your Business with Respect

Whether your business is looking to get started or it's in need of some negotiation skills,rest assured that we’re going to Work for/with you. We’re committed to providing you top notch business support knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Groupe Network Heirarchy


global ceo+cfo 

Manishkumar                             handa

                                                                                                                      Based in The Metro and Capital cities in India and Asia the KRS M&A groupe specifically focuses on buying, strengthening, then growing all stage business companies. By taking advantage of its unique operating platform, KRS revitalizes its acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. KRS and its affiliated companies have been in the Commercial space since 1997, and the group includes notable brands.


Immersed in enterprise commercializations since 1997
One of our revenue/business Model: Buy, strengthen, and grow business  companies 2500 in process portfolio acquisitions, 
We don’t sell assets — we run companies for the long-term

Our Acquisition Appetite

We are interested in acquiring all types of business commercial and ITES service companies, spanning the spectrum from SMB through Enterprise.
Our portfolio includes R.E+ITES+INFRA+BFSI, on, tech-enabled managed service, and pure consulting companies Globally.
Our group companies enjoy significant competitive advantages:
○ Proven business model → our customers love us
○ Proven operating platform → cost structure advantages
○ Global footprint and breadth of offerings → distribution advantage and ability to quickly spin-up global, world-class talent
We bid most aggressively for those companies with long tenured customers, even if they have unattractive growth rates and/or earnings history.

What happens to companies in the portfolio?

Profitable and sustainable customer-success is our focus. Here is what we do:


KRS companies quickly work with the new customer base to restore confidence, post-close. Maximizing the value through innovative programs and enhanced support creates a launch pad for growth.


Often,  companies become trapped due to technology, market or even talent misconfigurations. We look at the whole organization and restructure for profitability and long-term success. Our revolutionary  program offers SOLUTIONS to existing customers, strengthened by every acquisition.


We believe that keeping businesses part of the group and operating together is the path to success. It’s not a land grab for technology but rather seeing growth opportunities and nurturing them.

​        ​​We guarantee effective comprehensive representation.Our reputation/history of successful companies  speak themselves.We strive ourselves in strategising corporates that simply need to know how to proceed in today's economy. December2018 @1997~2007@ Time/fortune@1 trillion$~listee & 2008-2018@10trillion$~December2018

Hello,CorporateMember/CMD/CEO/ManagingDirector/Signatory,   This is Manishkumar Handa, GlobalCeo at GroupeKRS Networks, wherein GroupeKRS are our internal business models and Krs NetworKs, are consortium projects.These Infra/Realty projects have a total project value in excess of 1 trillion usd, which can be divided into 140 projects of 50,000 cr inr each, Of these, 40 mini/township projects pan india in 20 states with Mou with state govts & other 100 realty projects in around 40-50 countries we have personally  visited for groundwork/site visit.These PUM-ProjectsUnderMgmt 1trillion$,  is certified/listee by time/fortune -USA based business groups.  Apart from these realty projects we have around 100 own business models as on , which is growing to another 1 trillion$, divided into 100 subBrands growing to 1 billion$ each and 9 subBrands growing to 100 billion$ each. Another 3 trillion$, PROJECT VALUE, would be in 12  SubContinents /regions, each REGION,having 250  billion$ worth nonRealty, CountrySpecific, projects, & Globally,Growing another 5000 companies@ million$ companies to Billion$ enterprises, this M&A=totalling=5 trillion$,
Taking the configuration to,in excess of 10 trillion $ of P.U.M  which is greater than GDP of nations. Anyways,the brief INTRODUCTION, was provided to INVITE, you to JOIN , our Indian Realty/infra projects either as MENTOR, or your Corporate as Consortium Member, or as Both. Once we, hear back from you, we would provide with more exact details as in, your roles and returns, of a few Thousand crore inr,  by being MENTOR/Consortium member and any more information you would require.Looking forward,to hearing back from you at the earliest.

Yours, globally,  Manishkumar Handa - 8830981627 - WhatsApp     CC


How we Do it-provide increased revenues and profits to Corporates:-

1-As Director with them in their current business model and regular business growth thru our innovative directors.
2-increased business within network of lacs of krs matrix members-MTX
3-increased business thru 2100+ office towerz pan india
4-growth thru smartcities[others + own] projects-work orders.
5-growth thru inclusion as equity holders in multiple smart city projects.
6-growth thru other PPP projects.
7-growth thru global network and own TV channels.
8-growth thru enhanced funding+business development
9-growth thru inclusion in other projects and JVs.
10-growth of brand name and ceo[brand] name worth thru trading of stocks of brand name and ceo name thru auction of units & 
internal MNC stock exchange of KRS matrix global 1 lac+ members.
11-similar offers for cc/ficci/assocham/ctrls/banks/indiamart/nbfc/indiabulls/ linkedin/bse/etc parent corporates and their clients.
12-like other different services offered by them, krs matrix services are an add-on at no costs.
13-will take returns as Wc, profits as equity and other terms as per details on


Comprehensive finance and business development support you and your company can trust. 

Our corporate team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective  business solutions for our clients.

Often, more than one area of expertise is required with international trade. With our firm, there’s no need to hire a multitudes. We can advocate for you in many areas of business.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

​​​​​​​​​​​KRS Networks