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NBFC HEAD.............as per our brief discussion last month, about the financial / NBFC 
transactions / business, a few details are as follows:----

1-To be begin at the earliest, as already we have lost some precious time, and time is money, 
but delay from our side, in communicating was, because Mr. CEO, had asked me to begin next 
month.We will begin asap with whatever we have in hands as not much is reqd to begin and once 
begun we will not delay but act daily together.
2-As discussed with him, we will be providing you, huge business revenues around 500 crore, in 
around a years time, which would bolster your corporate upwards and open multiple avenues for 
3-How, we do it, is ......the first 100 crore inr would be arranged/raised by Mr Lalit/your 
4-Which we would utilise in setting up our KPO office network , around 20 office towers in 
pune-mumbai route/belt and another 20 in mumbai-baroda route.
5-none of these office towers would be sold but would be utilised towards franchisees and KPO 
contracts/projects.........meaning return fees/money for refunding your lending would be got 
from franchisee fees and KPO fees got by my group from professionls/SME and corporates.
6-Already working on the same, since past year and aggressively since past few months.
7-Thus you get more than double security for all your lendings as your lendings would be in 
stages and not all 100 cr. together and continuosly assets would be built, more than lendings.
8-Further the next 400 crore inr would be raised by me/us and also disbursed by me/us.....
9-Thus you would get huge 500 cr inr revenues/turnover in around a years time.......
10-And the financials would be as under............The first 100 crore that your team would 
lend to us, would be @interest of 14% p.a........wherin you raise funds at around 10% and 
disburse at 4%, thus a clear profit of 4% . i,e, 4 crore to you.
11-The next 400 cr inr would be raised by us @around 9% and disbursed @12%.
12-The cost of raising these funds would be 1%, cost of disbursement would be 1% and profit to 
you @0.5-1% would be another 2-4 crore., other costs could be 0.5%.
13-This extra 2-4 crore would actually be extra benefits /profits to you, without the efforts 
and you should be delighted, as this is neither anticipated by your team, and is extra 
business+extra profits provided by us to your team, out of goodwill of working together.
14-Also the huge 500 cr inr turnover revenues you would get would boost your corporate and open 
multiple avenues with huge profits to you, only because these 500 cr inr revenues have come in.
15-Also it is Vital to understand that the lending rates have to be competetive as there are 
multiple lenders competing for business and any business even without profits is welcome 
business, depending on involvement and here your extra efforts would be minimal, as your team 
would be free to pursue other lendings with others at your desired rates, and our business to 
you would be additional.
16-Further I would have to act as Director, as i would be responsible for raising the 
additional 400 cr and its disbursements....
17-And other than the MultipleSecurity builder Kpo office towers, a few associated business 
models would be included such as M&A, auto,others to support the basic business model.
18-Hope this answers a few queries and get back with more queries on phone/mail,after 
discussions with Mr lalit and 
19-We would enter into a stamp paper Legal agreement as to the terms and conditions described 
and agreed and amended, 
20-And to finally state, all the above is entered into in perfect conditions and would be 
actually practically liable and adjustable as to the daily working conditions and other terms 
as mentioned into in any legal contract and agreement between firms/corporates, others.Thus 
looking forward to earn 500 cr inr turnover revenues and few crores inr profits in a years 
time, lets begun now.

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KRS NETWORKS KRS KIIM CORPORATION To, the board/chair/md/ceo­ group­india Subject­inclusion of your corporate group and your financial profits Hi, We here at Krs networks & our globalCeo mr Manishkumar handa, had embarked on the global ambition of taking a few selective indian brands globals, chosen on their entrepreneurial spirits, innovation, ambitions among other factors, to around 100+ nations with noble intentions to achiebe combined growth and enter the fortune 100 companies faster comparatively. in this pursuit fortune and time certified our efforts[attach 1] and multiple state/national/global governments invited us for projects globally. we offer you... 1­500 to 1000 crore revenues with 5­10% profits without major investments.Our corporate, our kpo network, our infrastructure,manpower will use all our resources and will share the profits with you equally in 3­4 years. 2­we offer you, a immediate global representation as our globalceo as himself travelled toand set up local jv in around 50+ nations of the 100 intended and thus immediate easier financial entry globally. 3­we offer, 5000 to 10,000 crore inr revenues to your corporate group by you being a consortium member in our national projects & 5­10% profits & our corporate will share the profits with you equally in 4­5 years.few investments reqd from your side & all other investments/funding will be done/raised by us. 4­Further our globalceo, willing to be a director with your group to offer you a weekly/monthly update [attach 3], with yearly remuneration of 2.5 cr inr agreemented as per all above proposals for 3­4 years and other 2.5 cr inr as performance incentives. 5­thus to summarize, you enter the fortune group, get global rep in 100+ nations, get 10,000 cr revenues & thousand crore profits & also you get our globalceo as director with you & a entry into multimillion dollar projects­detailed in a few months[You get 1 lakh crore revenues & 5­10% profits & our corporate will share the profits with you equally in 5­6 years..few investments reqd from your side & all other investments/funding will be done/raised by us.......as we are handling projects worth beyond 50,000 cr inr+ per region. email/sms/call 9028081120 / 8237426231 so that we can set up a meeting and proceed with our global efforts to grow equally as done in past 15 years and grow brand india.............. AUTHORISED SIGNATORY

Hi, NBFC / BFSI corporate
[AS WELL you could CONNECT us, to CORPORATES, in your contacts, who would be interested in Similar size of business available, in multiple diversified sectors, open to us.]

1-not only have i gone thru your email, but also quickly studied details as in your website, 
your location michigan, your history,sister firms and your profile with your snap.Further,your 
portfolio,capital markets link and other details are also well understood.

2-Now, to be specific to your mail matter, you are looking out for Director-sales/mktg/B.D....

3-And, now, i would like to inform you that...you will need to browse, thru my attachments.

4-We here at Krs Networks in asia-india, are multiple different consortium corporates, forming 
multiple SPVs, and as a group, have BFSI-financial / funding-related business for financial 
corporates/banks/NBFCs, like yours worth more than 10 billion $ in 3 years, converted into 
indian rs comes to 67,000 crore , investment funds required for multibillion projects, as 
specified earlier, multiple corporates, for their existing business models in diversified 
industries, and also collectively for consortium projects led by us -KRS networks, me, being 
one of the promoters[just like you], and into financial, business, corporate & professional 
activities since 20 years, supported by 20+ multiple relevant educational qualifications and 
exposure of personally traversing to 50 + nations globally, setting up small JVs, so that can 
quickly have a ready BS/BM, when in that country and quickly grow, due to past experience and 
local connect there, including , having permanent visas for the USA, and have been to michigan, 
atlanta, newyork, washington dc, others

5-and the brief global exposure, along with the figures are certified by fortune+time, business 
groups[attachment]..........and hence can also fulfill, a sales target of say a billion $ worth 
funding, in the 50-_ us states, ofcourse, only as per your lending products and criteria

6-but also since[as you say]"Finally, RCG is partnered with over 75+ of the industries leading 
MCA funders and can arrange funding for the business if it does not qualify for RCG’s internal 
funding programs."...........this can aid in fulfilling the billion $ worth funding, in a year 
or sooner.......and also the 10 billion $ funding offer in india is open, alongwith say, in a 
few more nations, such as one in each continent, leading us to multibillion worth of business.

7-I, individually, and as head of a MNC network, take entire responsibilities of rolling out 
the above proposals, with you as the chairman, the idea being maximum revenues for all of us, 
with specific profit ratio(sales of funds-[cost of funds+operating 

8-Since you having such vast experience, contacts, networks, fundraising should not be a 
deterrant,we'll, raise them globally, and our combined expertise, will see us grow to sizes 
beyond citibank/group in 3+3 years, and we can also aim to enter the fortune 100 club sooner 
than later.

9-Well, the costs for you would be as such...everything will be agreemented/contracted ,crystal 
clear...My corporate-krs networks and your corporate, share the profits equally, at the end of 
every quarter.Further, i individually as a director/consultant/advisor would take a million $ 
in a years time for my efforts of providing you billion $ revenues, half of my fees/working 
capital, would be reqd weekly/monthly, as i would have a some costs to cover towards fulfilling 
the targets and remaining half, i would get from you as incentives for targets.Your corporates 
and your individual inputs would be the same, as of today, with no huge investments reqd from 
your side, except some more working capital.

10-Well, if you have any queries,or comments, you can mail/sms/call back. I sincerely know, 
this symbiotic effort, will take us through, we can finalize a few things after a few 
communications, looking forward to meeting you, contracting and begin working together, for 
whatever you decide and the proposals are open,if you may take a few days to decide...as you 
are experienced enough.........and we are open to your calculated figures as well, AS WELL you could CONNECT us, to CORPORATES, in your contacts, who would be interested in Similar size of business available, in multiple diversified sectors, open to us.

TASKS FOR HR professionals, Recruitment consultants, Corporate collaborators:

have gone thru ur mail briefly.
i here as globalceo and we here at krs networks are a time and fortune certified global corporate network [see attachment]and hence our activities are in line to our certifications.
now for you we have 2 tasks....
1-first task-multiple indian [for now], listed or otherwise bluechip top corporates require top mgmt /board executives/directors.
usually the board consists of 3-4 owner/family members as directors and other 3-4 independent directors who are usually retired personell such as retired buruecrats , retired ias/ips etc, from which these corporates can acquire contacts for quick permissions to their projects or govt subsidies etc.We here at krs networks provide these corporates, board/mgmt, executives/directors who will provide them additional revenues and profits in few years and this is legally documented/agreemented between those corporates and krs networks.-see attachment for details.
2-here what you have to do is, contact listed/top notch corporates directly or indirectly-thru other hr recruitment firms pan india-u can find them on naukri.com, monster,etc...........and forward our proposal/attachment, so that they can contact their contacted corporates and schedule the meetings and then finalizations of legal agreements....to start with for you, we can offer you that you may have such agreements with around 1000 such corporates pan india.The such agreemented corporates have nothing to invest/loose but all to gain, hence they would readily agree.
3-For corporates 20 in number, the size of say kotak group, indiabulls, mahindra group,etc, i myself would serve as mgmt/director..and for other smaller/medium corporates, my/krs networks franchisee professionals would be the representatives
4-now when we=us+you r offering these multiple corporates, such huge business revenues and profits surely, they would be willing to pay to pay, as they would usually pay for a individual recruitment position.........now for you to be able to get part of these incomes/profits, you need to collaborate with krs networks as our franchisee...........usually we have a franchisee fee to enter refundable, as we are keen to make you earn, rather not otherwise,, and details of your part of profit are shared.
5-second task-now to complete all these kpo/agreemented work we are taking from/offering these multiple 100-1000 corporates pan india,, we need multiple professionals/smes to join us pan india as franchisees.........and u could be given that task....wherein u join as master franchisee...further we are setting up 2100 kpo centres pan india-just like bank branches-each centre around 10,000 sft.
6-so u see how much work, business and returns/profits we have for you and many more corporates.
7-so get back with queries thru email / sms.................we will answer, then you could meet, we agree documentarily and meantime u proceed with your tasks.


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