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      Fundraising income flow from:-India multiplied by from 100 nations...

  Note-To transact online with ecommerce website, with terms, own server with,  @ own 24x7 website/IT  payment gateway tieup

1-salaries/income from corporates as director on board=100 cr [5 cr x 20]
2-from salary as ceo/other director/advisor/consultant=100 cr
3-salaries as delivery director to krs delivery directors 100+1000+10000+1 lac.= 10 lac x 
1000=100 crore
4-prelaunch sales of real estate office suites pan india+sales of twin tower flats=10,000 cr
5-prelaunch sales of rental/lease of office suites pan india.=1000 cr
6-prelaunch sales                        of towerz /commercial pan india=10,000 cr
7-prelaunch sales                        of rental/lease units in towerz in metros.=1000 cr
8-prelaunch sales                        of smart 10 cities.=10,000 cr
9-prelaunch sales                        of rental/lease of units in smarcities,10x.=1000 cr
10-prelaunch sales                      of sezs in 10 places.=10,000 cr
11-prelaunch sales                      of rental/lease in 10 places.=1000 cr
12-franchisee fees for kpo professionals fees[includes...] @ 10,000 per x 10 lac people 
= 1000 crore+others.
13-franchisee fees for sme @ 1 lac rs x 1 lac sme = 1000 cr+other franchisee setup costs.
14-brand krs + 1 lac other brands sold as stock units @ private xchange with price start 
@rs10,000=100 crore+others price increasing.
15-commercial activities of ecommerce,bullion,advisory,kpo,others,jv,m&a generating 
revenues=10,000 cr.
16-franchisee of mid corporates, big, listed, pvt, mnc,group houses=10,000 cr.
17-franchisee fees from cii/sme chamber/ficci/assocham members as krs network/matrix 
members=1 lac x rs 10,000 + 10,000 x 1 lac=100+100=200 cr.
18-income from endorsements/media for krs matrix celebrities/professionals=1000 cr.
19-income from 50% stake in agreemented corporates=50 cr x 1000 companies=50,000 cr.
20-income from pending cases, contracts, fines, others = 50,000 cr+++
21-raise funds from nbfc, funds,banks, prjct finance, fix deposit, ecb, adr,gdr,bonds, 
debentures, stocks, IFC
22-set up mutual funds, ipo, fpo,gpo, others as per cv/profile /globally.
23-for young employees[be on krs contract] 5 lac,mba fees cost[student loan]x 1 lac 
students[franchisees &/or salary=1.66 lac=20k/month-excl holidays]= 5000 cr
24-for exp employees[be on krs contract] 15 lac,ExMba cost[student loan] x 20,000 
students[franchisees and/or salary=4.28 lac=54k/month-excl holiday]=3000 cr

1-all costs + all regular costs + all other

regular costs.



components of Cgtsme---------CMA data
1-franchisee fees=10 lac
2-infrastructure costs=10 lac
3-deposit+rent=10 lac
4-association cost with krs matrix/network=10 lac
5-cost of getting business orders=10 lac
6-other setup costs=10 lac
7-expansion cost+interests=10 lac
8-employee costs=10 lac
9-working capital=10 lac
10-associated krs workng capital=10 lac
1-business service orders
2-sales from franchisee orders
3-professional fees
4-other profits
5-estimated annual returns....approx profit / yr=

25-30 lc, so breakeven in 3.5 years

Look out for updates regularly & More matter to be

posted shortly...



I---KPO part I- 10,000 crore inr

II---OFFICE NETWORK 2100+TOWERZ- 21,000 crore inr


IV---KPO part II and BRAND VALUE CREATION- 10,000 crore inr


VI---SPVs @ LINKEDIN>COM- 10,000 crore inr

VII---M & A-I-BFSI and OTHERS-INDIA-21,000 crore inr



X---M & A-II-GLOBAL- 1 trillion $

COVERING:-FINANCE, funding, Marketing, sales, Business Development, other management  Service, Trading, Mfg & EXIM profiles.


​ Infra,SEZ,Mergers&Acquisitions,TurnAround Specialists,EXIM,BFSI,BULLION,Ngo,MEDIA.

1-project numbers 500 x 100 cr inr[sale cost/prjct] = 50,000 cr inr
2-P Ltdcompany by Shares=10lac shares,10crore inr capital,equity@premium
3- inr 50,000 cr = 100% = ten lac shares.
4-so 1% = 50,000 cr / 100 = 500 cr = 10,000 shares
5- so 0.2% = 500 cr / 5 = 100 cr inr = 2000 shares, so 1 share =rs 5 lac inr only.
6-now each 100 cr prjct as per pt 1 @ rs 10,000 psft=1 lac sft saleable area
7-mumbai/delhi/metros @ 25,000 psft = 25,000 sft saleable area.
8-P ltd company Krs equity = 51%
9-equity 49% equity to be diluted
10-As per pt 4, above, 1%=500 cr inr so 20%=10,000 cr inr, to be given as security to Fund house/Banks.
11- equity 9-10% to landowners =4500-5000 cr after 5-10% cash as in pt 22.
12-remaining 49-20-9=20% equity
13-equity 1% = 10,000 shares = 500 cr inr as per pt 4
14-so 20% equity=2 lac shares = 10,000 cr inr divided into
15- one hundred corporates @ 2000 shares/corporate = 100 cr inr returns to each corporate and/or in multiples.
16-input of each corporate = 10 lac signing fee + 4 cr + 4 cr [working capital}yr1&2....+ 1 cr + 1 cr[Delivery director fees]yr 1&2 =10 cr inr
 Also input funds raised by us on assets of each corporate=15 cr[secured corporate loan].So total 25 cr x 100=2500 cr
17-corporates each will get 100 cr in 3 years after Krs raising input funds.
18-even if they try to do any project alone themselves, they will not be able to earn ore than 50 cr in 3 yrs with risks and funds & losses.
19-here each corporate gets 100 cr inr by input of only 10 cr inr & 15 cr assets/securities.
20-risks, efforts, insurance,others with Krs primarily conjoined with others.
21-Krs will also give global presence + brand growth+ own media channel+other benefits+funds for own projects.
22-Now Krs gives land owners only 5% of project cost as Land cost cash, saying it is 10% of project cost. Other remaining 10% while project work.
23-So 5% of 50,000 cr = 2500 cr [got from 100 corporates as in pt 16]
24-use 10,000 cr as in pt 10, for construction works.
25-start prebooking, get more funds to complete the works.
26-based on this 100 cr+ earnings of each of the 100 corporates, each corporate can raise
27-another 30+20=50 cr for own use {cc/od+other]
28-or use this 50 cr in Lakshya projekts II,III..-X, and earn another 100+100=200 cr inr & thereon...
29-You/others as Delivery directors will get 1 cr as Delivery Director fees.
30-Also equity shares pf Lakshya can be used as security to raise another 100 cr funds & earn 400 cr from Krs.
31-Or sold in market by corporates in case in need of urgent funds.
32-100 cr - 25 cr to be paid to Krs as Mgmt fee costs at the end from payouts.
33-Another 25 cr from payout to be reput into Global Lakshya Projekts & earn another 50 cr in another 3 years.& thus earn 100 cr + from only 10cr+.
34-Presentations to follow.............Similar project equity distributions in multiples pan india in 10 to 20 cities, followed by hundreds of other cities.

35-globally, wherever such projects are required and where not required, these projects be substituted by requisite projects in similar holding patterns & equity distributions.​​